Ask yourself: What door in your home or business gets more use and is the biggest in your home or business? The answer: YOUR GARAGE DOOR!

It needs to be tough, dependable and long lasting. It needs to work dependably and stand up to the elements. We believe in our products and want to show you how you can have the best and most durable and dependable door around.

Garage Door Plus, Inc. began in 2002 in South Point, Ohio. Our manufacturer is CHI Overhead Doors out of Arthur, Illinois. We have over 20 years of experience in the field.

Our Motto is: "We aim to please."

What We Do

  • Sale, Service and Repair
  • Residential Doors
  • Commercial Doors
  • Industrial Rolling Steel Doors
  • Roll-Up Truck Doors
  • Mobile service on roll-up truck doors (NEW)
  • Drop gates, hurricane shutters/security shutters

We carry most parts for all brands of doors for fast repair and no down time. Please contact us anytime! We look forward hearing from you.

Garage Door Plus, Inc. - Residential & Commercial Garage Doors

We are a leading supplier of CHI Garage Doors for South Point, OH

Garage Door Plus, Inc. | 804 Solida Rd. | South Point, OH 45680
Call: (740) 894-4060 | dcdcsteel@yahoo.com